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Spring Chickens!

Spring is here, and it’s time for chicks!

Feel free to contact Home to Roost for any of our personalized services:

  • Phone consultation – great for basic questions
  • Assessment consultation – a visit to your home to answer your questions and provide personalized information on how chickens will fit into your life
  • Healthy hens visit – a visit to your home to check the health of your birds and your coop set-up
  • New babies consultation – a visit to your home to help you set up and install your new chicks
  • Emergency housecall – a visit to help out and give advice in case of illness or accident (*note: Home to Roost does practice veterinary medicine and will refer you to an avian vet as needed)

See the Resources tab for more information and pricing.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with! We’ll be happy to consider it.

Karl the Guinea Fowl Gets His Very Own Folk Song

A Guinea fowl showed up in Evanston, IL, in May 2014. The bird was initially in poor health, and to the delight of the neighbors, regained his strength. He became something of a neighborhood pet. As winter neared, the neighbors decided to capture the bird and rehome him on a farm in central Illinois. Folksong writer Kristin Lems produced a tribute for Karl. Read more about Karl and his special song!

Chicago Tonight Covers Urban Agriculture

Chicago Tonight covered urban ag in this fun piece. They focused on goats and touched on bees and (of course!) chickens!

REMINDER! Chicken Health Class This Saturday!

Come learn about keeping your hens healthy and how to help them in an emergency! We’ll cover common issues that urban chicken keepers face, as well as prevention strategies.

Sat., May 2, 10 AM-12 PM at Garfield Park Conservatory,

Home to Roost on Vacation May 7-12

Home to Roost will be taking a break May 7-12, 2015. As always, you can leave a message on the blog.
If you need vet care, please see the list of avian vets.

3 Hens Seeking Home

Contact Alan –
I’m looking for a good home for three beautiful red-star (red sex-link) hens.  They are three years old but in very good health and still laying enough eggs so that the 3 people in my family (who eat eggs) never need to buy any (about a dozen per week).  They have been free ranged their entire lives in two adjacent Chicago back yards so they are very healthy and happy with no parasites, diseases or issues. Our kids have held them and played with them since they were baby chicks so they are very tame and allow you to pick them up without scratching or pecking. We are moving out of state and cannot take them with us.  If I eat them, I will be the world’s worst father because our kids LOVE them so much.  If you would be willing to give them a good home, please email me at  I would be happy to include all of our remaining feed, hay, etc. as well.
NOTE: If you already have hens, see my post on inserting new birds into an existing flock.


This weekend: chicken health class!

A reminder to sign up for the chicken health class at the Chicago Botanic Garden!

Sat., April 25, 1 PM-4 PM,