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UIC Study on Household Provisioning

The University of Illinois at Chicago is conducting a research study to understand how different households are provisioning (e.g. making a living, providing for families and households) in the current economy. The researchers are trying to understand not only the specific strategies of households, but also the surrounding social, economic, and policy environment.

They are looking for households that provision a substantial portion of their family food and basic needs through gardening, canning, do-it-yourself projects, recycling/repurposing and/or informal bartering. While one person in the household may be working in a paid job, they expect that one or more household members devote considerable time and energy to sustaining the household through these activities. This is sometimes called ‘urban homesteading.’

If you are interested in participating, download the Homesteader Provisioning Information Sheet for more information.


Vent Gleet Article

If your hens have poopy butts, keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t turn into vent gleet, a yeast infection that messes up the rear end and causes thrush in the mouth. Check out this article on vent gleet. Thus far I’ve not seen any instances of this kind of yeast infection in the Chicagoland area (yet), but I have seen a few cases of poopy butts.

Home to Roost in the Oak Leaves

Reporter Meredith Morris wrote this story in the local paper about my chicken biz.

Jail Birds at Cook County Courtesy of Home to Roost

Here is news coverage on the chicken project at the Cook County jail! It’s up and running. Watch for Cook County Sheriff’s Office eggs at your local farmers market. Look for the cartons in the pix above!