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EVENT FULL: Temple Grandin to speak in Evergreen Park, Chicago

(Per library staff, 6/21/2013, 1:45 PM, this event is full.)

Dr. Temple Grandin will visit the Mother McAuley High School auditorium, 3737 W. 99th St., on Saturday, June 29, at 3 p.m. Grandin is a nationally renowned philosophical leader for both autism advocacy and animal welfare. Diagnosed in childhood with autism, she nevertheless studied psychology and earned a Ph.D. in animal science. Her compassionate research and writing on the humane treatment of farm animals helped to revolutionize the industry. Her book, “The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum,” introduces her new experience with neuroimaging advances and genetic research linking brain science to behavior. Grandin even shares her own brain scans‚ all toward promoting more effective mainstreaming and unleashing the unique advantages of autistic people. Copies of “The Autistic Brain,” are available for purchase at the Evergreen Park Public Library, 9400 S. Troy Ave., in Evergreen Park. Those who purchase a book from the library will receive a priority book signing number. For more information, call the library, (708) 422-8522.

“A Glossary of Chickens”: A poem by Gary Whitehead

A lovely little poem… I love this line:

And for the way they run

toward someone they trust, their skirts

hiked, their plump bodies wobbling

Endangered… Chicken Breeds

Yes, some chicken breeds are in danger of dying out. As we become an increasingly urban society and move away from food production, we’re losing genetic diversity in all of our food crops, plants and animals alike.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) focuses on protecting these heritage breeds. A chart listing rare livestock is on their site. If you are a chicken keeper, you can participate in keeping a breed alive by selectively and carefully breeding these rare chickens.

Please note that ordering these breeds from a hatcheries is not the same as actually selectively breeding the birds. ALBC offers guidelines and information for breeding heritage chickens.

June 8, 2013: Chicken-Keeping Class at Green Home Experts in Oak Park

Follow the Facebook link to register for my next chicken-keeping class, June 8, 2013, at Green Home Experts in Oak Park.

This class is designed for curious folks who are considering getting chickens, as well as for those who already have their own birds and who want to learn more! Come learn how to raise chicks, care for adult birds, and keep your neighbors happy!

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FREE Kindle e-book on chicken breeds

FREE Kindle e-book on chicken breeds