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New York Times Talks Turkey… errr… Chicken

This recent article in the New York Times introduced me to the Olandsk dwarf chicken! Who knew!?

It also tackles the question of what to do with all the extra chicken fruit, which, like zucchini, can take over!

At this time of year, the difficulty becomes not so much keeping the hens, but keeping up with them.

In high season, a good layer like a Rhode Island red or leghorn can lay an egg every day. Ms. Erway uses up the eggs by making lunch for the staff at Sixpoint Brewery, where she works. “I put sliced hard-boiled eggs in banh mi,” she said, referring to the French-Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, stuffed with pickled vegetables and red chile sauce. “And I’m Chinese-American, so it’s second nature for me to add an egg or two if I’m stir-frying rice or noodles.”


The Boston Globe Sings the Praises of Backyard Eggs

An article on the benefits of pastured backyard eggs.

…The most striking difference between eggs laid by factory-farm chickens and those laid by chickens foraging on pasture is the color of the yolk. Eggs from Stony Brook have golden to deep-orange-colored yolks, an indication of the higher amounts of beta carotene in the chickens’ diet. Compared with a factory-farm egg, a pastured chicken egg tends to taste richer and have an “eggier” flavor and a creamier texture. A good analogy is the difference between a hothouse winter tomato, which is often hard and pale red, and a deep red tomato picked at the height of summer…

And I love their description of bantams at the end!


The Zero-Waste Home Advocates for Backyard Hens

Check out this post on green reasons for raising chickens. Alas, local ordinances foiled their fowl proclivities.